Those of you who have been visiting this blog for a while know that I deliberately don't do much to promote my law practice here. I'm sure people can find me easily enough by following the link in my bio over to the left. But I don't have a new edition of my American Bar Association book The Lawyers Guide to Marketing on on the Internet come out very often. And it is, after all, a marketing book so I wouldn't be worth my salt when it comes to being a marketing expert if I didn't do at least a little marketing of the book itself. I co-authored the book back in 1996 (I remember having the book sent by overnight mail to me at the Atlanta Olympics and feeling like a bit of a champion myself at seeing it in print). My co-authors Rick Klau (now a pretty hoity-toity executive at Google) and Deb McMurray (definitely one of the nation's top legal marketing consultants) put out a second edition in 2002. And edition the third just arrived in my office this week.

I'm tickled that the first review of the book I've found  - at Kevin O'Keefe's Lexblog - uses a pretty amusing noun to describe my background. I'm sure the anti-immigrants that hang out here will start a whisper campaign that I'm involved with organized crime :-).