I'll be testifying on November 8th in front of the House Immigration Subcommittee on a provision in a proposed piece of legislation that would create an appeals board to at least have a little authority over the entry process. The measure is modest, but would represent an important start. In my written testimony, I refer to a study commissioned by the Discover America Partnership that had some incredible findings including the following:

  • Travelers rate America's entry process as the "world's worst" by greater than a 2:1 margin over the next-worst destination area.

  • The U.S. ranks with Africa and the Middle East when it comes to traveler-friendly paperwork and officials.

  • 54 percent of international travelers say that immigration officials are "rude."

  • Travelers to the U.S. are more afraid of U.S. government officials (70%) than the threat of terrorism or crime (54%).

Find those numbers hard to believe? Check out this statement sent to the blog by a Customs and Border Protection officer in response to my posting this link and tell me if this guy fits the description above:

It's not about customer service at all, it's enforcing the laws of the
United states. You people think entering the US is like going to the
Burger king and getting it your way. Hate to tell you, been other
places, US CBPOs are saints compared to experiences I had in Spain, UK,
France and Germany. Get off your high horses.