Yes, you read that headline correctly, but that should be the least of their worries as you'll see below. The Dun Hutto family detention center (yes, just like in the old debtors' prisons in Dickensian London, families are thrown in jail together) has been cited for hiring workers illegally present in the country, according, to an official reprimand of Corrections Corporation of America, the firm that runs the detention facility. The center also allegedly hired individual with criminal histories to work as guards at the facility. This is the same facility, incidentally, cited in May for an alleged rape of a detainee by a guard.

In addition, a new report jointly released by the Women's Commission for Refugee Women & Children and the Lutheran Immigration Service cites a number of really disturbing allegations about facility including:

  • pregnant detainees were x-rayed with no lead screen;

  • detainees received dental work with no anesthesia;

  • pregnant women were not allowed milk and were shackled when taken to outside facilities for checkups

  • overheated water scalded children several times

  • children were punished for being unruly by the guards turning up the air conditioning to make a room very cold or by turning off the hot water in the showers

  • parents and children were regularly threatened with being separated from each other

Incidentally, the Austin Chronicle has been investigating and learned that the rape case is not being prosecuted and the FBI has called off its investigation of the alleged felony saying now that the encounter was consensual (and presumably, so is statutory rape, though its a crime for obvious public policy reasons).