The fourth of the immigrants on Popular Science's Brilliant Ten list is Emin Gün Sirer. Sirer, an immigrant from Turkey who is a professor at Corneill, has his work described by Popular Science as follows:


In 2004, Emin Gün Sirer
figured out how to hijack the FBI's Web site. The problem wasn't with
the Feds; it was with the structure of the Internet itself. Anytime you
type an address like "" into your browser, your
request feeds through several servers that act as the phone booths of
the Internet. Sirer realized that many of these directories were
insecure and that a hacker could easily reroute all traffic meant for
the FBI to a malicious doppelgänger site. "No one even knew this
problem was there," says Ken Birman, Sirer's colleague at Cornell. "Gun
showed it was there, and he showed how to fix it."

His modest solution? Reorganize
the entire Internet. Sirer created a scheme that eliminates the need
for vulnerable central servers by distributing information among
thousands of smaller computers. The strategy now helps safeguard Web
sites through the PlanetLab worldwide academic network--and could
someday protect the Web as a whole.

Sirer is now working on a project to help identify doctored photos and emails.