Despite immigration being in the news every day and the profile of immigration issues rising dramatically, the last two years have seen virtually no immigration legislation passing in Congress - either pro-immigration legislation or anti-immigration measures. And it doesn't matter if we're talking about bills regulating legal or illegal immigration.

One sign of this impasse involves a minor extension of a provision in the H-2B temporary worker program. In 2005, Congress passed a bill that took returning H-2B workers out of the annual cap on on H-2B visas (much like the H-1B program). That provision expired and despite the fact that there is little vocal opposition, Congress seems unable to move even the smallest and least controversial provisions.

The problems are not helped by some in the pro-immigration community who think no pro-immigration measure should pass unless the cause closer to their heart is dealt with first. Others are still dreaming of a comprehensive solution where all problems are dealt with together. And while that is a nice sentiment, problems fester and get worse while we wait on a solution that will likely not come for years and may never come at all.

Thanks go to a helpful reader in Colorado for pointing out this story.