One of the antis greatest hopes for massively increasing deportations is to get as many 287(g) agreements in place between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and local police departments around the country. These agreements allow police officers to refer persons they determine to be illegally present in the country over to ICE when they are caught in minor violations like traffic stops or misdemeanors. These agreements have been proliferating particularly as many local politicians see political gold in pushing the measures. Unfortunately, theory and reality have smacked against each other as ICE offices lack the resources to deal with all of the referrals. Case in point - Dallas, Texas. ICE officials are now telling local law enforcement (mainly suburb Irving, Texas which has a 287(g) agreement) only to refer over those accused of more serious criminal violations.

Part of the dishonesty of many of the politicians pushing these agreements and tougher enforcement in general is that the goals can be achieved without a cost. When the country is facing record budget deficits, ALL expenses of the government need to be scrutinized. Massive enforcement requires a massive increase in spending. I would suggest that if the case for massive new enforcement is so strong, then the politicians promoting it should also propose a tax increase to pay for it. That would separate those who genuinely believe in the cause from those just looking to score political points.