There's plenty of discouraging news to go around. Are you angry? Then channel that into advocacy to make your voice heard. Every person on line in the employment-based categories is on line because they can prove that they are filling jobs for which Americans are not available, their work is in the national interest, they're multinational executives and managers in companies employing many Americans, they are outstanding researchers and professors, they're star athletes and entertainers, etc. These are all people who can demonstrate that they are needed here and that they are making America stronger. So why are we limiting their numbers to an amount set in the 1980s?

As for the news, the EB-2 category for Indians has moved backwards by a full two years to January 2000. This means that advanced degree professionals - medical doctors, rocket scientists, etc. - are going to have to wait an unbelievable EIGHT years for a green card. EB-2 is actually behind EB-3, something that is an extremely rare occurrence. EB-3 numbers for Indians stayed put at 1 May 2001.

Congress needs to finally move to

1. Dramatically increase green card numbers for highly skilled workers and end green card caps all together for people in Schedule A occupations (those certified by DOL as having a severe shortage) or people serving the national interest (such as doctors in medically underserved areas, teachers in public school systems with teacher shortages, etc.).
2. Stop counting spouses and children in the quota
3. End per country limits since they result in dramatic disparities in the way immigrants are treated based on where they happened to have been born as opposed to the benefits they provide America
4. Allow applicants in the US on non-immigrant work visas to file adjustment applications when an I-140 is filed regardless of whether a visa number is available