On this very sad and worrisome day, I thought it appropriate to select a Pakistani American and one who has helped fight the forces of extremism. Kamran Pasha was born in Karachi and moved to the US as a young child. After graduating Dartmouth, he went on to work as a reporter for Knight Ridder and interviewed world leaders including Prime Minister Bhutto.

Pasha went on to get a law degree from Cornell and an MBA from Dartmouth and then began work with the large New York law firm Paul Weiss. Shortly after starting his law career, Pasha left for Los Angeles to embark on a career in the film industry. He added to his numerous degrees a Masters in Fine Arts from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

Within two years of getting his MFA, Pasha was nominated for a Golden Globe for co-producing and writing the Showtime television series Sleeper Cell. The excellent series (which I recently rented on DVD) involves an undercover FBI agent who is a Muslim and who infiltrates a terror cell planning an attack in the United States. The series deals realistically with the threat of terrorism, but also spent a great deal of time presenting the story of the vast majority of Muslims in this country who are appalled by extremism and have been doing their part to protect the country. Pasha described his goal for the series in a recent interview:

As a Muslim, Sleeper Cell allows me to work on issues that I
have unique knowledge of regarding the War on Terror and how the
extremists distort Islam to achieve their political goals.

Kamran Pasha has also recently sold two novels to mega-publisher Simon & Schuster. Mother of the Believers and Shadow of the Swords each deal with Islamic historical subjects.

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