Mike Huckabee is so early December. Suddenly John McCain is surging again and is moving back up in the polls and picking up some key newspaper endorsements. But wasn't McCain written off a few months back for not hating immigrants enough? While he has backed off his plan to simultaneously pursue an enforcement policy and a legalization program (he now says he would focus first on border security and then move to legalization in a second stage), he has still largely stuck to his guns on immigration (and is still taking heat). Kudos to McCain for figuring out that the anti-immigrants in the GOP and the nation as a whole are simply very loud and they do not represent most Republican.

In the mean time, Mike Huckabee, previously considered a moderate on immigration issues in his time as Governor of Arkansas, has completely flip-flopped on immigration and is spending his time trying to sell himself as anti-immigration hardliner.

McCain's nomination would be devastating to the anti-immigrants. In one week, Iowans will go to the caucuses and cast the first votes in the presidential nomination cycle. Let's hope they prove once and for all that nativism is a loser strategy for the GOP.