Benders Immigration Bulletin has posted a really great mandamus decision by a federal district court judge in Houston ordering USCIS to adjudicate a naturalization case that has been delayed for nearly four years. Dan K. provides the money quote from Judge Rosenthal on the BIB page, but it's worth repeating:

This court orders as follows:

Within 14 days, the USCIS must order the FBI to expedite the name check on Abusadeh.

Within 60 days from the date the FBI completes the name check and reports the results to the USCIS, or by April 2, 2008, whichever is earlier, the USCIS must report to this court, in writing, as to whether the FBI has completed the name check on Abusadeh and reported the results to the USCIS. If not, the USCIS must report on the status of the name check and the reasons for the failure to complete it.

Within 30 days of receiving the report of the results of the name check from the FBI, the USCIS must decide Abusadeh's naturalization application.

If the decision is to grant the application, the USCIS must permit Abusadeh to be naturalized as a citizen within 30 days.