Um, I guess that means they pay taxes after all. My friend Drew Seman from Immigrants List forwarded a funny little email from Dan Stein at FAIR stating

Congress Poised to Give Tax Rebates  to
Illegal Aliens
Call Your Senators Now!>>

economic stimulus package traveling through Congress right now does nothing to
stop the IRS from issuing rebate checks to illegal aliens. Please call
your Senators now and urge them to take


So which is it, Dan? Unauthorized immigrants are just mooching off the system and not paying taxes? Or they're paying taxes, but don't deserve equal treatment? Can't have it both ways, so pick one.

This reminds of the folks who argue in one breath that the "illegals" (there term, not mine) are just hear to get our Welfare. Then they complain they're stealing our jobs. Huh?!