The Wall Street Journal has an excellent editorial today on E-Verify (thanks USC for the link). Last week DHS defended E-Verify claiming that getting problems resolved was no big deal. Keep in mind that most of the data problems are with the Social Security Administration. The WSJ piece should give you pause if you're an American worker:

Keep in mind that the SSA isn't exactly a model of speed and
efficiency. By its own admission 50% of calls to branch offices and 25%
to the 1-800 number aren't even answered. And what of calls that do get
through? It currently takes, on average, more than 500 days to get a
decision on a disability appeal.

I have a simple solution to protect American workers - allow workers to continue working until SSA and DHS reach a determination. Right now, employers are required to terminate workers if a problem is not resolved within 8 days. The no-match rule that has been held up in the courts, gives just 90 days to resolve a problem. Why should American workers and employers pay such an extreme price when US agencies can't do their job in a timely manner. And why should we believe the government can handle a massive increase in its workload when it can't handle the load it has now?