And this is from the star columnist at the news magazine owned by CNN's parent company, Time Warner. Here's the post:

Given the amount of serious journalism going on at CNN--the
reporters risking their lives on battlefields all over the world, fine
journalists like John King and Candy Crowley working to report the
presidential campaign accurately, the excellent fact-checking that Wolf
Blitzer did earlier this year on the Obama Madrasa smear--given all
that and a nearly thirty year history of really trying to present the
facts straight...I've got to wonder why the network allows Lou Dobbs to
continue spewing false, inflammatory nonsense under the guise of
objective journalism.

Here is his latest confrontation
with Paul Waldman of Media Matters about the fictional NAFTA
superhighway. Indeed, the Washington Post's Fact Checker gave the NAFTA
Superhighway myth four Pinocchios.

Now, I know that Dobbs brings in some serious ratings. And he is
certainly entitled to his own opinion. But he is not entitled to his
own facts--especially not on a network that makes a real effort to
separate truth from falsehood and represent all sides of the political
debate. Shouldn't someone be editing this swill? Doesn't CNN have a
responsibility to tell its viewers that, in this case, one of their
presenters is engaged in flat-out anti-immigrant fearmongering? Perhaps
the network could employ a simple superimposed title--THIS IS NOT
TRUE...or LOU HAS JUMPED THE SHARK ON THIS ONE--whenever Dobbs pretends
that there is such a thing as the NAFTA Superhighway. This sort of
thing diminishes the credibility and hard work of the other journalists
on the network. (And no, I do not count the execrable Glenn Beck as a