I had a consultation this afternoon with an American citizen who filed a green card petition for his wife in 2004. The case was ready to process at the US consulate in the country where his wife was working, but she then had to move back to her home country before the 2005 interview date. So an I-824 petition was filed with USCIS to get them to cable the I-130 paper work to the consulate with jurisdiction over the home country. That I-824 was filed in July 2005 and three years later they are still waiting. And this is not that rare. The I-824 processing delays are grossly unjust and USCIS simply shrugs its shoulders when people complain. We're talking about a few minutes of a USCIS officer's time to manage the request. And it's not like people aren't paying for the service. At least offer premium processing so that people can have the option of paying a little extortion for decent service. </rant off>.