Farmers in California are worried about the impact that a new executive
order requiring businesses that contract with the federal government
must use the E-Verify electronic employment verification system. The Sacramento Bee reports
one group that is concerned is the state's association of 500 peach
growers. Those farmers supply 80% of the nation's peaches and many of
those peaches end up in the federal student lunch program for
impoverished youngsters. Given estimates that 50 to 75% of farm workers
are illegally in the US, there seems to be no way farmers across the
board can participate in the E-Verify program and continue to operate
in the short term. And that will likely mean that farmers will be
forced to stop supplying food to those supplying the federal student
lunch program. That in turn could mean the program won't be able to continue operating due to a lack of suppliers or that the federal program will be forced to import all of the food used in the
program. Talk about your unintended consequences!