The National Foundation for American Policy has issued a report criticizing the massive, confusing, anti-business waste of taxpayer dollars that is the permanent labor certification process.The report notes that Congress never intended for a system like we have, the Labor Department's process has no connection to economic reality and the program that exists has been "badly mismanaged." The report's conclusion -

The Department of Labor's labor certification system adds a significant dead weight cost to the operations of many of America's most innovative companies, diverting energy and resources that employers could better utilize on innovations that could create more jobs and wealth in the United States, concludes the analysis. The study recommends that Congress largely remove the Department of Labor from the process by exempting many highly educated foreign nationals from labor certification, as proposed in a Senate-passed bill in 2006. Absent that, labor certification requirements could be satisfied by employers showing a) they pay the immigrant the same or more than a comparable American and b) they engage in recruitment typical to their industry.

The study concludes the Department of Labor, given its actions, has shown no interest in
proposing or operating a simple system, since it would reduce the role and influence of Labor Department employees. "It increasingly appears that the process maintained by the Department of Labor and the Department's battles against employers and their attorneys is not about protecting jobs for U.S. workers but jobs for employees at the U.S. Department of Labor," said NFAP's Stuart Anderson.

Anyone who has ever gone through this process, knows the process is truly mind-boggling. Hopefully, policymakers will pay heed to the report's findings and consider making reforms.

NFAP report on labor certification process - Free Legal Forms

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