Congratulations to Henry Cejudo, the child of illegally present Mexican immigrants, who won a gold medal for his country in freestyle wrestling. I saw one of Henry's matches yesterday and he really was outstanding.

Henry's mother raised six children on her own with the wages of low-paying jobs. She had to move the family around the Southwest in order to find work and survive. According to the LA Times story on Cejudo, they even had to sleep four children to a bed.

Folks, this is the classic American dream story. Parents make unbelievable sacrifices in order to give their kids a chance at a better life. It was the story of immigrants that sailed to the US for religious freedom three hundred years ago. It was the story of immigrants who left their villages in Eastern and Southern Europe and processed through Ellis Island. And it is the story of Henry Cejudo's family today. Don't let the antis tell you otherwise. The same arguments were made at various points in US history and we've never failed because we kept the Golden Door open.

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