OK, here are the changes. Please don't ask me to predict the movement of numbers. When I become clairvoyant, I intend to retire from immigration law and bet the horses :-).

Family 1st - Rest of world, China and India each advance two weeks to 15 April 2002. No movement for Mexico or the Philippines.

Family 2A - One month jumps to 1 January 2004 for rest of world, China, the Philippines and India. Mexico moves from unavailable to 1 May 2001.

Family 2B - No movement for any country except the Philippines advances one month to 8 May 1997

Family 3rd - One week advancement for all countries except no movement for Mexico.

Family 4th - Three week advancement for rest of world and China. India jumps six weeks. No movement for Mexico or the Philippines.

Employment 1st - Remains current for all countries.

Employment 2nd - Current for all but India and China. And bad news for those countries. Numbers retrogress from 1 August 2006 to 1 April 2004 for China and from 1 August 2006 to 1 April 2003 for India.

Employment 3rd (skilled/professional) - Some good news. The category is available again. Rest of world is at 1 January 2005. China is at 1 October 2001. India is at 1 July 2001. Mexico is at 1 July 2002. And the Philippines is at 1 January 2005.

Employment 3rd (unskilled). Also moves from unavailable. All countries at 1 January 2003.