Those of you who read the blog regularly will recall my coverage of the rather outrageous Department of Labor decision to audit all of the PERM labor certification cases filed by the Fragomen law firm, the nation's largest immigration practice. The decision was based on the very shaky theory that Fragomen's lawyers did not have a legitimate role to play in the recruitment stage of the PERM process. Basically, the DOL opined that a law firm should not be permitted to communicate with the client about resumes of potential US workers who appeared to be qualified for the position.

Fragomen and the rest of the immigration bar have pushed back hard challenging the notion that clients can't have access to their attorneys during an extremely complex legal process with serious consequences for clients. In August, the DOL appeared to back down from this position. But they have still not backed off their extremely unjust plan to single out Fragomen and its clients for a 100% audit of their cases. And Fragomen is pressing forward to force DOL to back off.

I wish them success. They not only have the law on their side, but their position is morally right as well.

Here are the documents from the latest chapter.

Fragomen reply materials part 1 - Get more Business Documents

Fragomen reply materials part 2 - Get more Business Documents

Fragomen reply materials part 3 - Get more Business Documents