The Dallas Morning News reports on the Hispanic vote in this year's election. Republicans are hoping Latinos will remember McCain's past support for immigration reform (before he flipped his position and opposed his own bill). But here's why McCain should be worried:

Many of the
children of immigrants have watched their parents struggle to improve
the economic health of their families and believe the anti-immigrant
movement has demonized their families unfairly.

That's the main reason state Rep. Rafael Anchía of Dallas says Latinos will end up voting for Democratic candidates.

under 30 are going to break big for Sen. [Barack] Obama this year, and
naturalized citizens are going to respond to Obama's personal story as
the son of immigrants," Mr. Anchía said.

"Most Latinos know how
John McCain abandoned us when it came to voting on his own
comprehensive immigration bill. I do believe the country, in general,
is ready to move in a new direction."