British-born John Davison is a video game industry veteran who has teamed up with fellow industry insider to create whattheyplay.com, a web site that provides resources to parents trying to monitor the video games their kids are playing. I first heard about the company a few months ago when Davison was a guest on NBC's Today Show to talk about the controversial new video game Grand Theft Auto 4. The company describes itself on its web site:

What They Like, founded in 2007 by entertainment and
media industry veterans Ira Becker and John Davison, offers helpful
resources within an unbiased, non-judgmental environment that provide
parents with unparalleled insight and guidance about the various forms
of popular entertainment that engage children. What They Like believes parents are the ultimate parental control. Our singular goal is to empower parents to do what they do best: parent.

What They Like's first product, What They Play, is the parents guide to video games. As the most comprehensive resource of its kind, What They Play
provides parents with expert insight into the themes and content of
hundreds of today's most popular interactive entertainment products.
Through thousands of informative video game descriptions and topical
feature articles, What They Play
empowers parents with everything they need to know to make informed
decisions about what games are right for their children.

Before embarking on his latest venture, Davison was the editorial director at tech mega-publisher Ziff-Davis.


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