Surprise, surprise. Another hastily released rule designed to stick it to the Obama team turns out not to be ready to roll. Britain's Telegraph newspaper reports

Passengers had been told they must have clearance to fly three days ahead of their journey to avoid being denied boarding. But
The Daily Telegraph has learned the US authorities will not strictly
enforce the new system - known as the Electronic System for Travel
Authorisation or ESTA - when it begins on Monday.

From Monday,
the thousands of passengers who travel from Britain to the US every day
should obtain authorisation from an American Government website in
advance three days beforehand. So far more than 70,000 Britons have done so. But there are fears that some passengers - especially those who are not computer literate - will not have done so.

could be problems for people who don't fill out their ESTA forms and we
want to avoid that situation," said a spokesman for the American
Embassy in London. "We are trying to make sure that everybody gets on the plane. But people should fill out the form right now."

the next few weeks passengers will be allowed to board as before and be
allowed to fill out the information on a green card provided by the
airlines during the flight.

Boy, that's smart. Implement this system - largely aimed at European Visa Waiver countries - in the middle of the period when all of the elderly retirees are off to Florida for their holidays in the sun. Is there a grown up around to explain to DHS that there are entire states in this country with economies that are collapsing because of dramatic declines in tourism over the last several months?