This is not a surprise. The new Administration will continue to take a tough line on employers who don't heed US immigration laws. There may not be as many raids as we've seen, but expect that enforcement will come in other areas - I-9 audits, strengthening E-Verify, barring access to tax breaks and government contracts, etc. The stimulus bill in the House has this clause:


No loan guarantee may be made under this
section for a loan to any entity found, based on a
determination by the Secretary of Homeland Security
or the Attorney General to have engaged in a
pattern or practice of hiring, recruiting or referring
for a fee, for employment in the United States an
alien knowing the person is an unauthorized alien.

The hope is, of course,that we'll get a comprehensive immigration package this year so that employers who want to go through the proper legal channels to get needed workers will have the ability to do so (something that is generally not the case under the current system).