Folks who haven't been to my firm's web site at may not know that I co-write (along with my colleague Ken Bragdon), Siskind's Immigration Bulletin. Our firm has been publishing this newsletter online since mid-1994 and, to the best of our knowledge, it was the very first law firm email newsletter in the world.

I'm going to post the table of contents for the newsletter here when new issues are published so folks can see some of the other immigration-related items about which I'm writing. SIB is less opinion-oriented than this blog and is more straight news, but we do cover a lot of news that I don't get to mention on this blog. So I hope you find it useful.

Siskind's Immigration Bulletin - February 10, 2009


ABC's Of Immigration:
Employer Compliance Series - I-9 General Concepts


Border and Enforcement

Bush Pardons Border Patrol Agents Compean, Ramos

Study: Women Face Serious Health Risks in Detention Facilities

- Hispanic House, Senate Members Push for Comprehensive

- Justice Dept. Investigates Accusation of Abuse of
Deportee by Border Patrol Agents

- Calif. Immigration Crackdown Nets Nearly 2,000 Gang
Members in 2008

Advocates Renew Efforts to Grant Haitians Temporary Protected Status

5. News from the Courts

6. News Bytes

Former GOP Chair: We Must Rethink Immigration Stance

- Napolitano Pledges
to Reassess Real ID Act

- Nashville Strikes Down English-Only Measure

- Immigrants File Suit Against Tx., Claim Discrimination with Driver's License

- Confusion over RI Immigration Law Puts State in Panic

- Federal Court
Allows Challenges Against ICE to Proceed


7. Siskind's Legislative Update

8. Notes from the

Bush Administration Rule
Strips Immigrants of Appointed Legal Representation