The Academy Awards are on now and immigrants are being showered with awards as was the case last year (more on that later). But the show kicked off with an immigrant theme with Australian-born host Hugh Jackman becoming the first foreign-born host in several years to host. But there have actually been a dozen foreign-born hosts. Some are icons from American film including Italian immigrant Frank Capra, British immigrants Bob Hope, Laurence Olivier, Dudley Moore, Michael Caine and David Niven, Frenchwoman Claudette Colbert, Canadian-born comedian Mort Sahl and Australian Paul Hogan. But Hogan in 1987 was the last foreign-born host. The Oscars host is arguably the most prestigious gig on television and one that comes with some of the toughest critics. Most of the hosts in recent years have been comedians, but Jackman, a star of action films and Broadway musicals - is a change from the recent past. Jackman has won an Emmy Award for his television work, a Tony for his work on Broadway and a Golden Globe for his role in the film Kate & Leopold.

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