My friend John Lamb in Nashville blogs today about ICE's Hutto detention center where whole families are jailed while awaiting deportation. I'm reminded of Charles Dickens' tales of debtors prisons in Victorian England where "lawbreakers" who violated British laws relating to debt were jailed right along with their spouses and children. It's hard for me to tell the difference. I don't know that I blame CCA, the contractor that runs the center. Nor do I necessarily blame ICE which is simply carrying out their mission. The country's policymakers carrry responsiblity - senior DHS officials, White House officials, members of Congress, etc. The President can be forgiven for a little while as his Administration is still new. But soon enough, blaming the prior Administration will no longer be an acceptable excuse.

Law enforcement officials around the country have been experimenting for years with alternatives to detaining people and I find it really hard to believe that there are not good options here. It's time to close these facilities and end this shameful chapter in our immigration history.

John links to a new film that is out documenting life at Hutto and I look forward to seeing it.