I'm glad to hear that this critical position in the Department of Homeland Security has finally been filled. The CIS Ombudsman is responsible for working with the public to help identify problems with the immigration system and recommend improvements. There's a great staff at the Ombudsman's office, but the office really needs a leader that will be there for a while in order to be most effective.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has named January Contreras to fill that spot. Ms. Contreras comes to the office with a unique advantage. She already has a great working relationship with Secretary Napolitano and will no doubt have her ear when it matters. She currently serves Secretary Napolitano as a senior adviser at DHS and also worked closely with her in Arizona where she led the state's health department. She also has a background as a lawyer which is always helpful for this type of position. And she served on the board of the state's Hispanic bar association so she no doubt is in tune with the many issues confronting immigrants as they work their way through the legal process.

I wish Ombudsman Contreras well in her new position.

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