Modest improvements in a few categories. A few show no changes. Nothing to write home about, unfortunately.

Here are the highlights:

Family 1st - Advancement of worldwide, China and India numbers by three weeks to 22 June 2004. Mexico moves forward three weeks to 1 October 1992. The Philippines moves up two months to 1 January 1994.

Family 2A - Worldwide, India, China and the Philippines numbers advance one month to 01 April 2006. Mexico jumps three months to 01 July 2004.

Family 2B - Worldwide, India and China numbers advances one month to 01 February 2002. Mexico moves forward one week to 15 June 1992. The Philippines advances five weeks to 22 August 1998.

Family 3rd - Worldwide, India and China remains stalled at 22 May 2001. Two week advance for for Mexico to 08 October 1992. Two month advance for the Philippines to 01 March 1992.

Family 4th - Worldwide numbers and Chinese and Indian F-4 cutoff dates advance two months 15 January 2000. Mexico moves one week to 08 December 1995. The Philippines moves two months to 1 September 1987.

Employment 1st - All categories remain current.

Employment 2nd - Worldwide, Mexico and the Philippines remain current. China advances six weeks to 8 July 2005. India advances one week to 1 February 2005.

Employment 3rd skilled/professional workers -  Worldwide, China and Filipino numbers advance nearly three months to 15 December 2002. India advances one week to 1 July 2001. Mexicois stalled at 1 July 2002.

Employment 3rd unskilled - All numbers remain stalled 1 June 2001.

Employment 4th - categories remain current.

EB-5 remains current.