A kind reader sent me a link to a new Business Week article that discusses a fast emerging trend in American business schools - taking jobs in Asia rather than in the US. One of the biggest targets - young Asian immigrant students in the US being lured back home:

How much longer can the Asian allure hold?
With protectionist talk rising in America, and China trying to put the
brakes on its rapidly growing economy, there's always a chance that
Asia could stumble. There's also rising concern about what the
migration East might mean for the U.S.'s competitive edge.

can't get out of my head that two-thirds of Silicon Valley companies
were started by non-U.S. citizens," says Manpower CEO Joerres. What if,
after Stanford University, GoogleSergey Brin
had returned to his birth country of Russia? What if James Tsai is
about to do the Next Big Thing --  but in his dad's old country in

best and the brightest are leaving," says the Rotman School's Florida.
"As a country, the U.S. has never confronted this before."