And the purge continues...

First Minutemen founder Chris Simcox goes after John McCain. From Politico:

A co-founder of the anti-immigration Minutemen on Monday dismissed Sen. John McCain's new, tougher immigration stance as 'shameful election-year politics.'

The Arizona Republican, who's seeking a fifth term this fall, is now supporting an Arizona bill that allows law enforcement officers to demand proof of citizenship - even if they just suspect illegal status - and detain suspects until the federal authorities can determine their citizenship.

McCain's move, announced Monday, is a dramatic shift right from his more moderate, comprehensive approach to most immigration issues.

Chris Simcox - co-founder of the Minutemen and a supporter of McCain's Republican challenger, J.D. Hayworth - said in a statement released by the former congressman's campaign that 'for almost three decades, McCain had the office and the opportunity to help close the borders to illegal aliens, and he did nothing.'

'It seems that with a tough election on his hands, McCain is trying to hood-wink the voters, ignore his own record and, if re-elected, return to his pattern of putting Washington first and Arizona second,' Simcox said. 'This is shameful, election-year politics.'

OK, maybe McCain had this coming. How he thought his previous strongly pro-immigration views would be forgotten is beyond me.

But did Lindsay Graham really deserve this from the anti-immigrant ALIPAC group? Pretty low.