While abolishing birthright citizenship is a long-shot issue for anti-immigrants, some are setting their hopes on a target that they hope is easier to hit - the right of all children in the US to a public school education.

But you say that the Supreme Court ended the discussion on this nearly 30 years ago in the Plyler case when they held that all children in the US - even those illegally present - have the right to attend public schools under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. Silly you, the antis are hoping that enough conservatives have been appointed to the court in the years since to overturn this case. Plyler was decided by a 5-4 margin so maybe they're hoping some of the more conservative Justices will go their way. Fortunately, the Supreme Court of today has not fallen in to traditional left-right divisions on immigration issues and has shown a fair amount of respect for precedent so I'm not too worried. But we need to be vigilant to defend against these assaults on our freedoms.