USCIS has announced that it is working on a rule to create an electronic registration system for H-1B employers subject to the annual cap. Employers would first register an application and be allocated an H-1B cap number and then would file the case. The idea is that employers would need to register to claim an H-1B cap number first and then if they are selected, they then would prepare and file the case. Right now, employers have to go to all the trouble of preparing a case that may be rejected simply because the visa allocation is filled. I think the idea makes sense IF it is implemented in a fair way. I would be concerned that large volume H-1B employers would file to claim cap numbers and then ultimately not file a case, thus hurting smaller employers who have a real need for someone. Another thought - maybe a little out there - would be to have some kind of bidding process so employers where employers with the greatest need would have a better chance. Opponents of the H-1B program would likely have a weaker argument that the program is a funnel for cheap labor under such a system.