When historians try and get in to the nitty gritty of how the Republican Party went the way of the Whigs, they might have a chapter on the GOP's pushing of this issue. There is ZERO chance birthright citizenship is going to be stripped from the Constitution. The reason it is being considered is to score points with far right wackos and don't they always vote Republican anyway? Ah, but in the days when the wackos can dump a moderate GOP member in a primary, there's really no choice is there?

A lot of thoughtful conservatives are pretty conflicted on this issue and just about everyone from the middle to the left is unified in their collective horror that this is even being discussed. Democrats can't really screw this one up as long as they stick together and make sure their party gets the credit for standing behind Latinos (and all Americans who actually think the Constitution is a pretty good thing). 

The grown ups in the GOP may privately be appalled that their party has moved in this direction, but they also have largely cowered when it has come to reigning in the xenophobes. They'll pay a terrible price over the next few years for their silence as their party has to deal with the demographics of a changing America. Picking up a lot of seats in the middle of the worst economic decline since the Great Depression may give them a false sense of security that they're now safe, but in "normal" election years, they've got huge challenges awaiting them. As America moves to a minority majority country, having the largest racial and ethnic minorities lined up uniformly against you is not a recipe for maintaining a majority.