Woohoo! Gallegly is no friend of immigrants, but Steve King is in a league of his own.

From HuffPost Hill:

STEVE KING DENIED IMMIGRATION SUBCOMMITTEE GAVEL - House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith today selected Elton Gallegly to head up the Immigration Policy and Enforcement subcommittee. The move was a snub to Steve King, the panel's ranking member in the last Congress (when it was named something way longer and way more anchor baby-loving). Spurred on by this insult, King took to the House floor this morning and rambled on for a while about how much he loves the sound of flags dancing in the morning breeze. He also recalled a time that he saw some stupid hippie wiping his stupid hippie glasses with an American flag ("Japanese communists" were on hand to witness this, if you don't believe him). Then again, sadness might not have had anything to do with King's rambling's this morning. He might have said all of these things because he's Steve King. [The Hill]