A fat report and one with some helpful recommendations and statistics.

Here are some of the more interesting items I found -

- Of the top 150 H-1B employers, 24 were deemed H-1B dependent (a high percentage of workers on the H-1B) and 9 had prior H-1B violations.

- Real earnings growth for US workers in occupations with proportionately more H-1B workers - particularly IT - was actually much stronger than the general US worker.

- Engineers and IT professionals on H-1Bs were more than twice as likely as their US counterparts to have advanced degrees.

- The proportion of new H-1B professionals in the major H-1B occupations remained largely constant over the last ten years except for IT which shrank from 5.1% to 1.4%.

- "Start-up companies, which some argue are the backbone of innovation in the United States, cannot use the H-1B visa for their employees until their company is fully established."

- Congress should consider eliminating the preliminary Labor Condition Application filing with the Department of Labor and have employers submit the form together with the I-129 form to USCIS

- USCIS should allow employers to rank their applciations for visa candidates so that they can hire the best qualified workers for the jobs in highest need

- USCIS should distribute applications granted under the cap in allotments throughout the year (e.g. quarterly)

- businesses with a strong track-record of compliance with H-1B regulations should get to use a streamlined application process.