Stay classy, Elton.

From HuffPost Hill.

IMMIGRATION SUBCOMMITTEE CHAIR: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?....OR SNUFF FILM PEDDLERS?!?!?! - Suzy Khimm has dug up a 2009 op-ed by the newly-minted Immigration Policy and Enforcement Subcommittee Chair Elton Gallegly in which the California Republican links an increase in undocumented workers to the dissemination of snuff films. "[G]ang activity, illegal gambling, drug trafficking, illegal immigration and acts of human violence all go hand in hand with animal cruelty," wrote Gallegly. In the congressman's own words, snuff films are adult videos "where small--and sometimes large--animals were crushed to death under the stiletto heels or bare feet of scantily clad women for the sexual excitement of the viewer." Although the piece has been taken down, Kihmm describes Gallegly's bizarre line of reasoning and goes on to highlight other instances of him linking tired and poor huddled masses yearning to be free with killing gerbils with Jimmy Choos. A reminder, this guy leapfrogged into the chairmanship because Steve King was deemed too insane. OK! [MoJo]