There is probably no more famous media magnate in the world than Rupert Murdoch. Immigration advocates have mixed feelings about the Australian-born founder and CEO of News Corp. His Fox News Channel has had a dreadful record when it comes to immigration, though his leading American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, has been much more balanced. His personal views are well known - he's definitely pro-immigration. He's even testified in Congress in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and since going public with that position, Fox News has quietly toned it down.



Murdoch is making headlines this week for a bold new endeavor - launching the first daily newspaper for the iPad. This is probably the most important newspaper launch in the US since USA Today debuted nearly 30 years ago. Given the economic problems faced by newspapers over the last few years, hopefully The Daily will provide a model to help newspapers survive financially.

I confess that I do have mixed feelings. I'm a gadget nut and have had an iPad since the product was launched (well, I waited until the 3G version was out). But I've also been collecting newspapers since I was twelve years old. The thought of the print newspaper going by the wayside bothers me and hopefully The Daily's launch will not be viewed by historians as a key date in the eventual end of newspapers actually being printed.

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