You gotta be careful when you pick cities with wintry weather for a Super Bowl. Dallas' airport was closed this morning due to snowy weather (which is on the way to my hometown of Memphis). But Steelers and Packers fans can certainly handle a little cold weather. On the other hand, they have to get to the game. I remember a dozen years ago when my Tennessee Titans had a wonderful season and made the Super Bowl in Atlanta. I scored a ticket to the game on this new web site called EBay. How lucky I was that Atlanta was a relatively short drive for me and I could just drive in the day before to meet my friend and fellow fan. Ah, but mother nature made it not to be.  A terrible storm led to the roads become undriveable and our airport closed. I ended up having to sell my ticket and watch on television. And I'm convinced that the good karma I could have sent my team led to their loss to the St. Louis Rams (though it is considered one of the greatest finishes in Super Bowl history).

But I digress....

This weekend we honor the two immigrant players who will be in Dallas on Sunday - one for each team. For the Packers, Jamaican-born Atari Bigby (love that name) plays safety and attended high school in Miami. He's a University of Central Florida Alum (the University of Miami was rejected by Bigby because they would have made him cut his hair and that's a no-go for the Rastafarian).

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