I've FINALLY gotten to watch The Social Network, the amazing movie that everyone saw ages ago. And I watched it on my Mac in a hotel room so it is hardly a cinamesque experience. But I am left going online to try and learn more about the people portrayed in the movie. One of the most interesting characters in the film is Brazilian-born Eduardo Saverin, Mark Zuckerberg's best friend and co-founder of Facebook. The two are Harvard classmates and Saverin was the one who put up the initial money to start the web site and he stuck by Zuckerberg even when the going was rough. It's painful to watch Saverin pushed out the company and to watch the deposition scenes where the two are facing off against eachother. And there seems to be some justice as he is now listed at Facebook as a co-founder and apparently received a settlement that restored a significant percentage of the company's stock to him. And it seems like there has been some type of reconciliation between the two. Saverin recently wrote an interesting piece talking about the movie and how one of the key takeaways was not who was and who was not a jerk  but how the entrepreneurial spirit of a couple of kids changed the world. His hope is that the movie inspires people to want to create something like a Facebook. Saverin is apparently now using some of his fortune to invest in start up ventures that he thinks have some of the same potential as Facebook. Which is not a surprise because entrepreneurs are in it not just for the money but for the magic that the entreprenurial process fosters.


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