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I guess I didn't really think about the fact that the defender of truth, justice and the American way, isn't actually a native of this country. I was a regular reader of Superman comics growing up, but for some reason it never seemed relevant that Superman was not born in the USA. My friend Randall Caudle reminded me via Facebook today that Superman not only is an alien (from another world, not just another country), but that he came to America without any legal papers and as far as I know, has never made any attempt to establish a legal status. He's posing as Clark Kent and has presumably worked without authorization for decades. The Daily Planet is obviously not using E-Verify to check the status of Superman and if they didn't bother to do an I-9, I'm assuming the newspaper is in danger of being shut down.

But I digress. Superman is in the news today because he did the unthinkable. In issue 900 he's going to formally renounce his US citizenship (not sure how your renounce what you don't have, but nevermind) and become a world citizen. Maybe he's really acting in solidarity with the millions of his fellow DREAM Act aspirants? I say it's high time to pass that bill and legalize the Man of Steel.