My friend John Lamb is an in house corporate lawyer by day and an immigration reform activist in his spare time. Maybe the fact that he's outside the immigration law world gives him some room for thinking outside the box since he's often coming up with creative approaches to changing immigration law. A few months back I wrote about his idea for a "Friends Visa." The idea was largely incorporated in to a bill proposed in Utah recently.

Now John has another idea. He would create a program that would allow every person who voluntarily self-deports and stays out of the US for a given period of time to designate one person in the US who could then legalize. According to John:

The result: for every deportation, there is a normalization.  Perhaps I've found the mathematically perfect compromise for the two crowds whose perfect worlds are either all-deportation or all-normalization.

A little crazy, sure. But maybe its time to start reaching out for more unconventional "out of the box" solutions that can draw supporters from both sides of the immigration debate.