Those of you who regularly read this blog know that I'm highly skeptical regarding current efforts by the White House to promote immigration reform. The White House's failure to engage on this issue for the first two years - years when Democrats actually had a shot at passing immigration legislation - can't be ignored. Most pundits think that the President is trying to score points with a very disillusioned Latino community. Given the President's recent remarks dismissing suggestions that he exercise the authority granted him by Congress to make administrative fixes to the system as well as the massive increase in deportations over the last two years (much of which focuses on non-criminals, despite the President suggesting otherwise), is the skepticism really hard to understand?

Nevertheless, if the President is truly serious, perhaps we will learn something from his remarks today. If he is interested in appearing to be doing anything other than playing politics, we will see what actions follow his words. 

I'll be following what he says and reporting here.

[Additional comment: The White House is apparently planning an enormous number of "conversations" with various groups that are largely on the side of immigration reform. While most will welcome the opportunity, there is a certain amount of fatigue in the pro-immigration community and a growing cynicism regarding the White House's true interest in solving problems versus trying to do just enough to stave off a 2012 defeat. I'll be more impressed when I see the President regularly meeting with those who are not already committed to reform.]