Middle class suffers when wages are driven lower by illegal immigrant labor. Not fair to complying employers who have to compete with violators.

Not fair that people going about it legally wait abroad while others live illegally in the US.

Talking about how Silicon Valley was built by immigrants. Makes no sense to educate students and then drive them away.

Now he's talking about border security.

Border security first crowd has been answered. More border patrol officers than ever - 20,000 agents, more than two times as 2004.

Border fence largely done (getting some boos here).

Working with Mexican government on smuggling issues.

They have gone above and beyond what the Republican enforcement pushers have demanded. But they're just moving the goal posts. They keep inventing new requirements. Will soon demand a moat with alligators.

Border towns are now amongst the safest in the country, despite what the anti-immigrants say.