Deportation policies are source of controversy. They're not doing it haphazardly and are targeting violent criminals (not the whole truth, of course).

Advocates just wish he would bypass Congress. That's not how democracy works.

Must fix the system as a whole. Must put the politics aside.

Washington is behind the rest of the country. Coalitions around the country are coming together. Mentioning Bloomberg, Mel Martinez, small business owners, Fortune 500 CEOs, etc. Now he's quoting Rupert Murdoch.

Outlining reform.

1. Enforcement.

2. Businesses have to be held accountable if they exploit undocumented workers.

3. Those here illegally must pay taxes, pay a fine, learn English, etc.

4. Must provide a legal way for employers to hire needed workers.

5. Laws should reunite families more quickly. The system shouldn't punish people who follow the rules. Example - spouses can't visit the US while waiting on their green cards to come up in the queue.

6. Don't punish young people for the actions of their parents. Pass the DREAM Act. Now he's trashing Republicans for voting against DREAM.

The public must join him in pushing Congress to pass legislation. And now here comes the patriotic music.