This little email just popped up in my inbox:

Dear Stakeholder -
We wanted to make you aware of the following:
The USCIS Verification Division in Washington, D.C., is closed today due to a power outage. Because of the power outage, E-Verify and SAVE Tier 2 customer support is currently not available. We are working with the telephone company to reroute calls to other offices. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Kind regards,
Office of Public Engagement
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

This is the customer service function, not the actual E-Verify database, but it does make you wonder just how reliable the system is and whether it's really ready for prime time. In the private sector, a national provider like an AT&T or a Google wouldn't announce they're closed for the day because of a power outage. And what guarantees do we have that the actual database is secure? Now that states are mandating E-Verify usage, the inability to use the system or to access customer support becomes a serious question with potentially serious consequences for the national economy.