The American Bar Association, the organization representing hundreds of thousands of lawyers across the US, passed a resolution this morning urging Congress to pass on any measures to amend the Constitution or other federal laws regarding birthright citizenship. From the Associated Press:

The American Bar Association passed a resolution Tuesday urging the U.S. Congress to reject any changes to the Constitution that would eliminate automatic citizenship for anyone born in the United States.

About 400 members of the attorneys association, which is holding its annual meeting in Toronto, passed the resolution in a voice vote.

Some Republican lawmakers have called for legislation to repeal birthright citizenship and have proposed a constitutional amendment.

Outgoing American Bar Association President Stephen Zack said in an interview that racism is underlying the call to change the constitution. Zack, the first ABA president of Hispanic origin, said it was an important statement by the American Bar Association that the U.S. Constitution must be respected.

"This is something that should be avoided at all costs," Zack said. "Certain issues are not really about what the words are about, but what the underlying concerns are about."

The vote followed a public forum this week that was held at the annual meeting of the ABA in Toronto. I was happy to see my friend Margaret Stock was on the panel.