This is a travesty. From the Houston Chronicle:

Just days earlier, [Sha' Vonne Ironche] and her husband, Esterny Ironche, a 55-year-old Spanish teacher, had high hopes he would be spared from deportation. Obama administration officials last week announced a case-by-case review of pending immigration cases, saying they planned to dismiss "low-priority" cases involving non-criminals to better target dangerous criminals.

Esterny Ironche had no criminal history, and he was married to a U.S. citizen. He had overstayed a visa 15 years ago, but had paid his taxes and had legal work authorization from the government. He had a case pending before the Board of Immigration Appeals. And he was in remission for prostate cancer and participating in a clinical trial in Houston.

All of those factors, the lives that had carefully constructed together here, would surely count in his favor, they figured.

But the government did not spare Ironche, who was loaded onto a flight from Houston to Dallas with the suitcase his wife had packed for him. He arrived in Madrid early Thursday.

DHS' lame excuse for how this happened? According to the Chronicle:

A DHS official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the agency has not yet started the national case reviews. The agency is still operating as it did before the Aug. 18 announcement, the official said, and will continue to do so until the government establishes a formal case review process.

In the mean time, other cases around the country seem to have been closed under the new policy so this is no excuse for a case like this. Obviously, the denial of the green card based on the marriage not being bona fide was clearly an error so this case should never have been denied in the first place. Now another injustice has taken place. DHS needs to make this right and take the steps to bring this father and husband back to America where he belongs.