This is an odd story that my friend Kenneth Levine, an immigration lawyer in Atlanta, sent me. Kevin Venhuis, the deputy sheriff in Abbeville, Alabama, is facing deportation because he lacks legal immigration status. He's Canadian and has apparently been in the US for 25 years and has apparently just blended in. He married a US citizen a few years back and tried to get a green card, but divorced before the process finished.

Alabama's new immigration law ensnared him. His problems started when he was pulled over in a traffic stop and his immigration status was checked. And being the deputy sheriff, he had various firearms which triggered being charged with various deportable offenses.

What struck Ken is the hypocrisy on display here. I've seen many people defend the tough crackdown on illegally present immigrants, but suddenly change their tune when someone they know is affected. Or someone from one of the "good" countries is affected. People love to be hawks on enforcement as long as they don't actually know much about the people they want to exile.