One would think that if enough polls show solid public support for a path to citizenship, then FAIR and other groups would be backed in to a corner in their attempts to claim such a move would be unpopular. But, alas, people believe polls that support what they believe and reject those that are contradictory. One test is to look at who is doing the polling. Discount polls funded by groups with a stake in the game and focus on those that are done by organizations that are neutral.

One such poll is the just released POLITICO/George Washington University poll that shows 62% of the public support an immigration reform plan offering a path to citizenship. This is about the same level of support we saw last month in the exit polls conducted on Election Day which is really THE poll to look at since the same was so big.

This kind of poll is important because it shows those sigtting on the fence that supporting one of the broader, more generous immigration plans will be viewed favorably both by Latinos and voters generally. The extremists on the right are the only group that cares about this. The fear of being primaried is a real one, but there is no evidence yet that taking a moderate immigration position has been enough to trigger a primary contest. We shall see.