FAIR and its allies are now making a curious argument to convince wobbly GOP lawmakers that they shoudl stick to their anti-immigration positions even after taking a shellacking at the polls last month. The argument goes that Hispanics will never love you so don't bother trying to court them by moving to the center on immigration reform.

The problem with this argument is that it essentially is telling the GOP to start studying up on the Whig Party because they're heading down the same road. There is no way the GOP will make it as a national party in this country without improving its standing with minority voters and with Hispanics in particular. That truth became even more clear when the US Census released figures this week showing that the white population in this country will begin a steady decline beginning at the end of this decade while the fastest growing demographic is the children of immigrants. Math is math. And if the vast majority of minority voters regard your party with disdain and you can't reverse that, say good bye.